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About Us

NITYA Software Solutions, Inc. (NITYA) is a corporation established in 2005 and organized under the laws of the State of Utah. It is engaged in the business of We proudly say “NITYA innovated” “First in the World”, a real time video messaging application using iPhone and Android phones “VIOTALK” (It is available on iPhone app store and Android app on google play store). It works just like WhatsApp but the message is with video, which gets stored in Cloud and streams on demand without using phone storage along with Text and Photo, location and document sharing.

It also has face-time video call and audio call functionality. Viotalk also developed Web Based Video Email, Outlook Integrated Video Email, Mobile app for video email using iPhone and Android platforms web application (www.viotalk.com ). Unlike whatsapp we want to promote viotalk to sell the licenses to business to communicate to its customers using text message, video message by storing video in the cloud, face-time video call and audio call. Common people  habituated to communication with people using text, face-time video call, audio call, video message using whatsapp, wechat, viotalk, etc. But business to customer (b2c), business to business communication still using outdate email. So we want to sell our viotalk software licenses to make b2b, b2c communication to be text message, video message, face-time video call and audio call using application.  

SNADAR is a NITYA cloud platform like Salesforce, Netsuite, and Google App Engine. It solves basic problems that are needed by every business application like Database Management, Packaging, Replication, Report Builder, Charts, Searching, Forms, Internationalization and localization i18n, Permissions, Roles and History. It has a core library, a programming language RedEye (almost Java), a Database (DB) query language. It has syntax for Model specification. Developers to write code that responds to Model Triggers, External events etc. Developers can create own User Interface (UI) with custom code. It has Full API for every part of the system. It provides Desktop client for Windows, Mac, Linux. Snadar Server can run on Desktop systems and sync with cloud servers.

NITYA also developed online Accounting Software (www.annaccounting.com) like QuickBooks online. Businesses small to medium companies can manage their accounting books, maintain customers, create and send Invoices, receive payments, maintain suppliers/vendors, create bills, pay the bills, maintain inventory and run payroll and pay to their employees, run reports like Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Aging reports, payment register, etc.

We also developed web based Human Resource Management system (HRMS) (www.rewahr.com) to not only to maintain employee records, collecting timesheets, salary, compensation, benefits, training guidance and ad hoc request services.

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