Satya Bathula


Satya Bathula is the FOUNDER, PRESIDENT/CEO of NITYA Software Solutions, Inc and an innovative leader. He is an Experienced Leader, Strategist, Financial planner and Visionary with 20+ years of experience in the Information Technology Industry. Started career as Software Engineer, participated in developing VoiceBrowser, Web Applications, an expert in Implementing Oracle Applications.

Satya Bathula founded NITYA Software Solutions, Inc. in 2005. He feels "Innovation is NITYA's DNA. He Innovated first in the world web-based, Microsoft integrated, mobile app integrated Video Email system and other products like, ... a lot of other software products. .

Satya Bathula is always passionate about new technologies & Innovations which lead him to develop an Advanced Software Development platform Like D3E studio (Design, Develop and deploy Environment). D3e is a zero coding platform and also first of its kind in the entire world.

Satya Bathula has deep expertise in digital technologies and has spent a substantial part of his career in the Cloud computing tools… He understood How the AI & Digitalization influencing the overall software development lifecycle and made his Great vision to bring Cloud Transformation Services & Products which are accessible & accelerate every organization’s transformation journey.

Satya Bathula named PRIDE OF INDIA by MANA TV for his expertise and business success. The recognition is a testimony to Mr. Satya’s leadership, motivation and constant endeavor to create a culture of innovation and excellence.